Obituary of Popkomm

On September 7th 2011 a tragic death accident happened in the misty and shady Berlin. On the bar counter of the Finnish stand I lit a candle in the memory of the annual Popkomm music business market. The final destiny of the suddenly died event were long gone visitors, missing important agonists and all-mighty pessimism against events like this. The deceased is missed by the whole international music business, although no one will admit that out loud. It’s too risky to be on the loser’s side. Before laying flowers on the coffin I will say a few words in the following epitaph.


The international music business is struggling for its life but still dying fast. Fortunately there are still some tenacious activators trying to regenerate this precious branch of industry. These settlers are taking all the risk and sticking their necks out and asking all others for support. But what’s happening in the field? Everybody’s mourning the downtrend of the CD selling, twisting in self-pity recollecting the good old times and dropping out from every major gatherings of music industry – in time when we really need all support from each other and all possible innovations to raise this industry back on its feet. We shouldn’t turn our back to each other but collaborate to clean our feet and stand up again. This is a sad example of what is really happening nowadays: record selling is going down and incomes are declining every year. What should we do? Let’s put out less releases next year! Next year record selling is going down even more and incomes are declining rapidly. What’s next? Let’s release less records and make them much cheaper! Next year… Holy cow! Why don’t you f**kers stop releasing any records so you can keep the budget in balance and the selling won’t go down at all ever again!

If there was a miracle man to resurrect these gatherings alive, I will be the first to sign in. Hey you Idols, Popstar and Talent oriented customers and professionals, get yourself a mirror and look what kind of a coward is looking back at you. The world is full of interesting music and art to thrive you enough. Don’t stop seeking and have courage to keep your own mind. You don’t have to buy every Christmas the records your neighbour just bought or the CD you just saw in the TV commercial.

Then few words of my favourite alternative subjects. Having been in Berlin and Madrid several times during the past few years I have noticed how boring and shit can architecture be in our capital district in Helsinki. Where is the courage to design and build different, modern and even weird buildings in the centres of the towns? These European capitals have much more to see than only short skirts and long legs. It’s wonderful to wander on the streets when you never know what’s waiting around the corner. And if you get tired walking you can always hop inside the metro from almost every corner and get almost everywhere easy, fast and cheap. But how about in Helsinki? Lookalikeunderground wannabetube metrosubstitute is sneaking soon from eastern deep forest to western dark woods – 100 km but only one rail! Take a wild guess if we have metro there where the aboveground traffic is jammed and from where it would be nice to hop inside the metro in every corner… F**k you all urban planners and land profiteers. Probably they have never travelled anywhere abroad. Hell’sinki will always stay a hicksville dominated by boredom, ugliness and inoperability. 

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Parliament house, Berlin Berlin6p Berlin7p