Mastering Engineer Mika Jussila in Finnvox D-Studio
I started my career at Finnvox in 1984. In the beginning I mastered vinyl records but became a full-time CD-mastering engineer in the early 90’s. I Have done masterings for approximately 2000 LPs, over 3600 CDs and innumerable amount of singles which makes about 100.000 songs in total. Nowadays more well-known from my masterings for heavy metal and hard rock genres. As a hobby I have been a singer-guitarist for a few bands and nowadays I’m a passionate photographer. Some of my best shots are seen in my Facebook site, as well as latest news from the mastering studio.

New pictures added to the Photography section

I recently noticed that for some reason the pictures of Nightwish's Ruisrock performance in 2008 had  not yet been added. They are my personal favourite Nightwish pictures, together with the shots from Lorca Rock, because I got to roam around on stage with my camera and got also a different stage angle. On top of that, the summer night in Turku was exceptionally beautiful that Friday and gave me a great lighting to the pictures. Some older shots added are Backyard Babies, December 2008 from Tavastia. I had the honor to hand over the pictures personally to the band members at Kivenlahti Rock in Espoo in the beginning of the summer. These guys were true rockers as well as laid back and fun guys to hang out with. The third folder added from 2008 is from Berlin in the autumn. I went there for the Popkomm convention, but I also got to see Lordi's gig, as well as the Ramones museum, not forgetting about the Sturm Und Drang pictures that have their own folder.

The pictures from Nightwish's Brussels and Rotterdam gigs that have been out for some time already are now accompanied by pictures from their support acts. Both pictures from Pain lead by Peter Täggtgren and the finnish band Indica are from the gig's mentioned above where they were playing as support acts.

From Finnish concerts there are pictures from Tavastia from the end of the spring when Kotiteollisuus took over the stage, accompanied by the Count of Kitee and his keyboards. Even if he is a familiar face in front of the camera it was nice to see him in the midst of some uglier brutes for once.

The last pictures added this time are some Junior Football pictures from a summery Helsinki as well as some already well-known sunset pictures from Kesälahti, Karelia. The football shots are to practice taking "fast-paste sport pictures" and the sunset shots from Mäntyranta, Kesälahti are from my holiday, These views from Puruvesi shows the contrast between the busy everyday life in the mastering studio and the well-earned holiday where I can recharge. I am completely addicted to my holiday there! Besides, there has never been two sunsets that look the same in Kesälahti!

This summer in Karelia ended in Nightwish's gig in Olavinlinna Castle, Savonlinna.

So the summer is heading to its end and my holiday is long gone. Now it's time to get back to the busy life and in with the skulls in the D-studio, refreshed and ready for another year. The floorball season started as well and junior has already got the nets swinging. I'll get back to this later on in the autumn.




Eternal Hammerer Ilmarinen, heroic artificer-smith. Craft the dome of the sky, Created a myth of Skyforger.

Skyforger, a new album of the finnish pagan deity metalband Amorphis is now released. Every self-opinioned music lover should get this third part of Joutsen-Kalevala trilogy, where every track is almost perfect from the heavens of my hearts to majestic beasts. Goddamit, this must be the album of the year... well, until new Warmen, Tracedawn or Viikate will be released.


Finally I got updated my mastering history lists. The total sum of mastered albums has reached 3000 units and we are still counting for more. This could even be a world record. Guinness -feel free to contact! Same time listed metal-, heavy- and hard rock album masterings has reached number 900. That´s a lot of head banging and hair throwing! Lately I have worked with Eluveitie, Trail Of Tears, Black Sun Aeon, Revolution Renaissance, Nightwish, Amorphis, Pete Parkkonen, Drivhell, Dystera, Adamantra, Alioth, Purity, Him, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Tracedawn, Stam1na and that 3000th: Warmen... hey, just check out the list from the "Mastering All Records" under Music link. Combining of Metal-list with All-records is still under work.

It´s also delightful how numerous foreign clients have found their way to finnvox mastering. Over half of my work comes from abroad and I take the opportunity here to send special greetings to bull fighting, kalimotxo drinking Spanish clients as I have mastered about 50 Spanish records in past two years. So thanks a lot, the Serranos in Madrid and Toro Rossos in Valencia for the hospitality! Se necesita una corbata?



He finalmente conseguido actualizar las listas históricas de álbumes masterizados. Tengo ya en total más de 3000 álbumes masterizados que debe ser cerca de un record mundial - ojalá se lo pudiera verificar de algún lado. Al mismo tiempo los álbumes masterizados categorizados como metal, heavy o hard rock han llegado al número 900! Se puede decir que he pasado un par de días escuchando canciones oscuros. Últimamente a la lista se han añadido nombres como Eluveitie, Trail Of Tears, Black Sun Aeon, Revolution Renaissance, Nightwish, Amorphis, Pete Parkkonen, Drivhell, Dystera, Adamantra, Alioth, Purity, HIM, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Tracedawn, Stam1na y el número 3000: Warmen. Los podéis todos chequear de una lista que se encuentra en la enlace Music debajo de Mastering All Records. Todavía queda combinar la lista Metal con la lista All, pero lo finalizo algún día.


Ha sido muy grato ver más y más bandas extranjeras en la puerta del estudio de masterización. La mitad de los trabajos hoy en día viene fuera de Finlandia. Como especialidad se puede mencionar los españoles - toreros y bebedores de kalimotxo - cuales álbumes he masterizado ya 50 en dos años. Quiero aprovechar esta oportunidad para agradecerles su hospitalidad tanto a los Serranos de Madrid como a los Toro Rossos de Valencia. "Se necesita una corbata?"

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