Mastering Engineer Mika Jussila in Finnvox D-Studio
I started my career at Finnvox in 1984. In the beginning I mastered vinyl records but became a full-time CD-mastering engineer in the early 90’s. I Have done masterings for approximately 2000 LPs, over 3600 CDs and innumerable amount of singles which makes about 100.000 songs in total. Nowadays more well-known from my masterings for heavy metal and hard rock genres. As a hobby I have been a singer-guitarist for a few bands and nowadays I’m a passionate photographer. Some of my best shots are seen in my Facebook site, as well as latest news from the mastering studio.

Good Vibrations

Let’s update some news from the darkness of the studio. It’s been a busy spring in mastering frontline. Number of foreign clients has happily increased all the time. The always active Spanish metalworkers have kept me really busy. Therefore I put a map of Spain on the studio wall and I will thumb a pin to the home town of every new band after finalizing the mastering. This way I will get a view of where my Hispanic clients come from. After getting this updated there will be over a hundred needles on the map.

The next pincushion I should put on the wall is the map of Italy. The number of Italian clients is running fast after the Spaniards. I’m expecting a large growth of all foreign contacts in near future because all kind of files are moving fast in the internet and therefore it won’t be necessary for a band to be present during mastering process. For same reason I have began to offer more interactive mastering where the mixing and mastering is going hand in hand, so the goal of successful result is more possible at both ends.

A lot of interesting live gigs to photograph have taken place in spring. I have been a bit lazy mastering these photos but soon they will be in the photography section. There will soon appear Stam1na and Amorphis from Nosturi, Backyard Babies, Tarot, Mokoma and Michael Monroe from Tavastia. About Michael’s band... It was more than delightful to meet my old school mate Sami Yaffa after so many years. I can’t remember us meeting more than once during all these rock’n’roll years. Sami left from school to first join Pelle Miljoona and then Hanoi Rocks and I went to Finnvox and mastered many Hanoi Rocks albums but never ran into Sami those days. It has been a miracle we have not worked together thinking of how many projects Sami has been in. Hopefully we can fix this shortcoming as soon as possible.

Our house band at home took a giant step to more professional direction. Finally I got organised a real drum kit to Niklas and not just any drum kit but a real legendary instrument from two great legendary drummers. We picked up the set itself from the Children of Bodom rehearsal mansion where maesto Jaska Raatikainen himself first showed us the secret of piecing together all hundreds of parts of his spare set. For reference Niku also took a taste of Jaska’s real drum kit. Under the staring eyes of all Bodom guys we packed up and left them raging their reaper metal – have to say – in a most functional rehearsal room we’ve seen. Now this drum kit combined to previously received cymbal package sponsored by Jukka Nevalainen from Nightwish we finally got ourselves a Pearl Children Of Nightwish drum kit for more professional rehearsing. It is a unique feeling to sit behind this instrument – thanks to these two great heavy metal persons.

Talking about Nightwish… I managed to organize a luxurious villa from Porkkala for Tuomas Holopainen and Tero Kinnunen to rent for recording demos of the next Nightwish album. I suspected their session to be exhausting so I also decided to help these musicians by feeding them one evening with self made four course dinner. At the same time I had the possibility to hear some achievements of these demo recordings and feel the good vibrations of some new tracks. I can hardly wait…

Floorball news are normally readable only in Finnish but I have to mention that few people can reach a championship of any sport during their lifetime. Niklas and I can because our team Espoon Oilers NG94 won that desirable title in C-junior series in season 2009-2010. You can only imagine the value of that title if you are even a bit keen on sports. After many years of hard work, after a long and though season and after a last game in the finals when you realise that you have reached the gold and won the championship, you can’t describe that feeling in any words. If I as a helping hand and assistant to our head coach can get such a high flying kicks from the title, I can only imagine how the players are feeling after all. I have now been eight years in Oilers’ organisation helping these ’94ers to learn and play and during that period I have achieved 22 medals with these boys. In next season this best team is splitting up and new teams are formed but I’m going to be cooking there again by giving my backup. I hope Niku will go strong and play successfully again and together we can achieve more cups and medals in the future in this great sport and hobby of ours.


2009, my 25th year of mastering was musically interesting. It sure is unfair to mention just a few of the most exciting albums but let’s say that no bad album has been mastered last year. To mention some that I will definately remember were Skyforger by Amorphis, Kuu Kaakon Yllä by Viikate, Nifelvind by Finntroll, Buck The Odds by Peer Günt and Aio by Metsatöll. The title of the Finntroll album seems to have changed after mastering. Also the title of the intro has changed. I liked more Henu’s proposal WTF LOL CONAN.

In addition to the artists mentioned above my iPod is filled with foreign acts such as Dulcamara, Rhesus, Ed-Äke, Stoned Machine, Vitaimana, Unsoled, Tyr, Mortemia, Alioth. Dark Horizon, Bleed Out, Liquid Graveyard, EnBlanco, Rather Unwise, The Foreshadowing, The Punishers and The Way Of Purity.

What ever... that’s part of the work history, only music will remain alive. The beginning of the new mastering decade could not have been more thrilling than it has been so far. Or what do you think about bands like Stam1na, Viikate, Mokoma (all these mixed by Miitri Aaltonen - respect my man!), Parasite City, Amorphis, Kivimetsän Druidi, Tarot and Kotiteollisuus. I’m proud of the fact that an older count like I am can still get so excited about new bands and their fresh albums. Kotiteollisuus has done a track to Killing Joke’s tribute album. There are a few other much awaited versions of that British new wave post punk anchour... for example Metallica and Foo Fighters... but I’m pretty sure that our KT will knock out all others.

Amorphis is showing to everybody in their becoming live DVD that at the moment they are the best band in the world... making perfect albums and playing killer gigs alive. To prove I’m right, just check the photos from that recorded gig from Teatria, Oulu.

At the change of the decade the total amount of my album masterings reached 3100 units and a total of 1000 metal/hard rock album masterings became real. With this number of metal albums maybe I should apply to work at the British steel?!

In the frontline of photography many hours have been spent. Evidence will be uploaded on the site once pics have been mastered. Amorphis and The 69 Eyes will be accompanied by at least Kotiteollisuus, HIM, Ajattara, Kolmas Nainen, Stratovarius and Backyard Babies. These Neanderthalic baboon look-a-like Swedes chose some of my photos taken from the last Tavastia gig to their recently released 20th anniversary photo book named Them XX... and I couldn’t be more proud of that! It’s been great to have so hectic time in the photography shooting gallery even after Nightwish ended their world tour. I almost got used to shooting, meeting and enjoying the hospitality of the band and crew every couple of months around the Europe.

I wonder what is happening with Finnvox in the future… When music business is struggling and everybody is crying about the financial crisis, Finnvox is getting bigger by building more studios. Mikko Oinonen who joined the staff last year came to the house with clean ears, bright eyes and fresh ideas and has already taken some responsibility in the development of the 45 year-old institute. More of these news will be announced in the Finnvox web site soon.

Updated lists, moshing heads and floorball news

amorphis-2-10-2009-nosturi_8I’d advice to you take a minute to check out the updated all- and metallists from the Music section. There might still be some changes to them later, but Johan and I did a massive job joining the lists together and it took us the whole summer! Every artist, album and record company have been checked as well. As a nice add there is also a list of record company clients and their huge number ({fabrik view=element table=15 rowid=1 element=a_count_records_view___record_companies}) surprised even myself. Please notice that independent clients (self expense) are counted as one client. The metal masterings are getting close to a thousand albums ({fabrik view=element table=15 rowid=1 element=a_count_records_view___metal_albums}), so I will get back to the lists at the latest by then.

There are also new pictures uploaded in the Photography section. There are more pictures of the Highest Star of all hair propellers and his Godlike Machine acomppaning him. The Amorphis pictures taken from their Nosturi-gig will probably soon be joined by pictures from their other gigs around Finland. It is always great to shoot this band when the show is led by a singer with an insane amount of charisma and attitude. This reminded me, I’m planning to go immortalize The 69 Eyes gigs that are coming up as well.

There are also news from the floorball world. Oilers NG94 has ploughed their way to the Finnish National series. You can find more floorball news in the Floorball section... but sorry, only in finnish.

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