Mastering Engineer Mika Jussila in Finnvox D-Studio
I started my career at Finnvox in 1984. In the beginning I mastered vinyl records but became a full-time CD-mastering engineer in the early 90’s. I Have done masterings for approximately 2000 LPs, over 3600 CDs and innumerable amount of singles which makes about 100.000 songs in total. Nowadays more well-known from my masterings for heavy metal and hard rock genres. As a hobby I have been a singer-guitarist for a few bands and nowadays I’m a passionate photographer. Some of my best shots are seen in my Facebook site, as well as latest news from the mastering studio.

Upated mastering lists

Finally I got my all-time mastering lists updated. I have done 3430 CD albums during these years. 1224 of those albums are heavy, metal or hard rock. I have worked with 1859 different artists and I have had 583 companies as my clients… and notice, all independent customers I count as one client.

This year will surely be hectic. As a part owner of Finnvox studios and after renovation of my mastering unit my motivation is on maximum. I’m so thrilled about this work of mine. More than half of my clients come from abroad and it’s a growing flock on my lists. The word is spreading all over.

I got around ten gold- and platinum records last year. Warmest thanks go at least to Nightwish, Nuclear Blast, Sakara Records and Universal Music. Already the first days of January will be busy. There will be Stone, Finntroll, Stormlord, Visions Of Atlantis, Dignity and Kotiteollisuus waiting on the line. I’m also waiting for a verification of a really important mastering job for me. I will sure tell you more about this afterwards.

I have been more than lazy to write in this blog of mine. Short and fast facebook updates are getting all of my attention. Anyway it’s good that those fb-updates are seen on this front page too. Most of the latest photos are also uploaded to facebook side but I will try to get a grip on putting those also here soon.

Stam1na Nocebo! - Amo placebo?

Stamina’s Nocebo – the best album of this year? This band is worth checking even though one didn’t like obstreperous metal or understand Finnish at all. How is it possible that from Lemi, a commune of 3000 inhabitants, comes 5 young virtuosos to play in a band? They have lots of talent in song writing and they have created a unique style of their own. A sense of humour is an essential part in their records and live performances. Joe Barresi, the producer of Nocebo, grabbed some nuances out of the guys that I didn’t even believe to be found. After all he was absolutely the right Joe to guide this bunch of brutal savages. Check out the photos from last summer’s Sonisphere festival.

Recently I have several times been asked my opinion about final countd… no no, vinyl comeback - anyway it’s just the same, shit and crap. Let’s make it clear now. Vinyl is not coming back anyway, anyhow, anywhere. If only tens or maximum hundreds of vinyls are sold we can only talk about customer service and that’s ok. The sound of vinyl is not better than in CD. That’s the fact. It’s limited and narrow, cut from the high and low and always distorted and including distraction caused by mechanical playback. There are also too many questionable elements such as dirty or used stylus, lousy cartridge, greasy stains (margarine, jam, red wine), scratches, wrong rpm and eccentric perforation. Personally I only miss the fine artwork and easy storing. Vinyl LP’s are collectible, but they are not rescuing music industry. They belong to last century and now it should be time to look into the future.

Latest Photographs Now Released

Last summer was one of the busiest periods of my career as a photographer. I have not counted the number of single shots but there must have been over a thousand of them. After eliminating the roughest and mastering the best ones, I have to choose the most suitable ones for my website. The amount of work is immense. If anyone paid me for the hours I work with my photographs I would be happy. But there are a lot of other things I have to get done in my life than only mastering… whether it is photographs or music.

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