Spring Review

Logo-fIt’s been too long time from my latest update. I’ve been working hard with the chronicle of a floorball team I coached over eight years and that’s why all other news have been left in background. But what has happened during the very busy spring time? The most remarkable news must be that I have been taken a part owner of Finnvox Studios! Our main owner offered Risto, Pauli and me a possibility to purchase one third of Finnvox shares. And now we share the risk of owning a music studio. 

In mastering the spring has been a busy period as usual. The fast growing number of foreign customers is really pleasing me, especially the active Italians. My deepest thanks go to Corvi Wahoomy from Real Sound Studio. Wao has kept me busy every now and then. If you are interested in names and bands you will find updated lists from here. Also a notable thing is that some of my photographs have found their way to CD covers, for example Killing Joke, Viikate and Kolmas Nainen.

TT OksalaMusic legend Timo Tapani Oksala passed away in December 2010. A gathering in his memory was held in February together with his closest friends, musicians and other prominent figures in Finnish music industry. Seeing so many notable and legendary people paying their final respects to TT inspired me to write an overview of TT's career as a producer and sound engineer. In his career TT took part in numerous projects and the sheer number of hit records he was involved in is simply astounding. The listing you will find from Finnvox web site should demonstrate the impact of TT's work in Finnish rock music, especially in the 80's and 90's when domestic music began to dominate the Finnish charts. This listing includes records TT produced, recorded or mixed as well as records he made in collaboration with other professionals. Nowadays no one gets even close to these numbers. Finnvox decided to commemorate TT by putting his two neck Ibanez SG guitar in vitrine which has been hung on the wall at Finnvox. 

LevinTalking about guitars – I have a Levin ´59 model 320N/M2 for sale/exchangeable. It is in mint condition. You can check the photos of my guitar from Vintage Guitar Sweden pages. There’s also an inclusive chronicle of Levin guitars. All interested feel free to contact me.

My dear colleague from Finnvox, Arto Tuunela, runs two quite active bands of his own. I had managed to miss all the gigs they had had, but now two Pariisin Kevät (Spring of Paris) gigs have been seen and photographed - first one at Tavastia and second at Himos festival. At Tavastia the front row was filled by young, pretty girls, but at Himos by more or less shirtless, robust and tattooed men having a sing-a-long together with Arto.

In March I photographed Michael Monroe’s gig at Tavastia Club, Helsinki. Mike’s band is probably the most interesting orchestra to shoot at the moment because every member of the band has more charisma and energy than allowed by EU directives. For the same reason I love to photograph Backyard Babies so now I’m more than excited to hear that Dregen has joined Michael’s band. C’mon guys, arrange a gig in Helsinki soon, and I will be there with my camera!!! Having known Toni Kakko and the rest of Sonata Arctica crew a long time it has also been a small miracle that I have not photographed these northern metal wolves before. Now I have done that and you will see the results soon in photography section. Kotiteollisuus also had two gigs at Tavastia. First evening they played as an original trio but second night there were six guys on stage. Tuomas Holopainen, Miitri Aaltonen and the younger Hynynen were accompanying the band with all their skills which must be ten times more than in the original trio. This stupefaction must have made Jouni to drop his pants during the gig. 


I also mastered the new Amorphis album in April. All you who have been reading these pages before must know how influential band Amorphis is to me. I would do anything for these guys – and I did – but someone screwed me in the end and my mastering wasn’t released. I was so pissed of that blood didn’t circulate and I still am. Well, at least I got one good sounding copy for myself.