Latest Photographs Now Released

Last summer was one of the busiest periods of my career as a photographer. I have not counted the number of single shots but there must have been over a thousand of them. After eliminating the roughest and mastering the best ones, I have to choose the most suitable ones for my website. The amount of work is immense. If anyone paid me for the hours I work with my photographs I would be happy. But there are a lot of other things I have to get done in my life than only mastering… whether it is photographs or music.

The oldest shots are from Himosfestival during midsummer. The folders of Mokoma, Kotiteollisuus, Amorphis and Pariisin Kevät include cool photos embellished by shady, cloudy and dark weather of Finland’s midsummer. Personally I like these shots a lot. A week later our cultural gathering, the Heavy Cult or Metal Golds, visited Porvoo and a day later Sonisphere festival was held in Helsinki. Photos from the Porvoo trip are selected carefully because I don’t want to expose too much of the nature of our “cabal”. Anyway, I was amused by the thought of what people were thinking while floating by and watching us sleep on the dock after the sauna, wearing only towels… They didn’t have a slightest idea who actually were lying there on the river bench. There are some photos of Toni Kakko for which I thank him. Toni was flirting with my camera the next day at Sonisphere festival during Sonata Arctica’s gig - flirting, because the zipper of his jeans was broken throughout the whole gig! On a bright day photographing has always been really difficult, but the shots of In Flames are one of the best I have ever taken!

The Pendulum DJ Set and Tinie Tempah photos are from On The Beach Festival in Hietalahti Beach, Helsinki. I took a lot of other pictures too, but the shots of these two bands were the best. Well, there are a few photos of Rihanna, but only for curiosity. I love the shots of Tinie Tempah because of the artistic angle caused by a rainy and cloudy day... again. The Pendulum duo has a rally going on and you can see it from the pictures. The beginning of autumn brought some Amorphis photos from Tavastia and there will be more to come from Nosturi. This was quite photography orientated news section, but there will also be mastering and other news in next release. Stay tuned!