Updated lists, moshing heads and floorball news

amorphis-2-10-2009-nosturi_8I’d advice to you take a minute to check out the updated all- and metallists from the Music section. There might still be some changes to them later, but Johan and I did a massive job joining the lists together and it took us the whole summer! Every artist, album and record company have been checked as well. As a nice add there is also a list of record company clients and their huge number ({fabrik view=element table=15 rowid=1 element=a_count_records_view___record_companies}) surprised even myself. Please notice that independent clients (self expense) are counted as one client. The metal masterings are getting close to a thousand albums ({fabrik view=element table=15 rowid=1 element=a_count_records_view___metal_albums}), so I will get back to the lists at the latest by then.

There are also new pictures uploaded in the Photography section. There are more pictures of the Highest Star of all hair propellers and his Godlike Machine acomppaning him. The Amorphis pictures taken from their Nosturi-gig will probably soon be joined by pictures from their other gigs around Finland. It is always great to shoot this band when the show is led by a singer with an insane amount of charisma and attitude. This reminded me, I’m planning to go immortalize The 69 Eyes gigs that are coming up as well.

There are also news from the floorball world. Oilers NG94 has ploughed their way to the Finnish National series. You can find more floorball news in the Floorball section... but sorry, only in finnish.